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Committed to Inspiring Lasting Change

We believe your creativity, which is fueled by your authenticity is what will set you up for success. 

Our mission is to empower you to succeed through self-discovery and self-acceptance. Our drive is to provide you with professional development topics tailored to your needs. 

Our innovative frameworks are science-based and research-back to ensure you get the most up-to-date and relevant techniques. 

Our events provide an inclusive environment of dreamers and doers like you, devoted to helping one another succeed. 

This is where great minds connect!




Mariama Beemer is helping us dig deeper inward so that we can achieve greater outward success. She is the CEO and founder of T.E.A. Topics International. Her professional development conference's mission is to empower us to succeed through self-discovery and self-acceptance.

With over a decade immersed in the technology field, Mariama is passionate about the science behind our enigmatic brain as it relates to success. As a professional development enthusiast, speaker, and facilitator, she focuses on sharing critical skills for sustainable growth. She thrives on change and is always seeking meaningful ways to help her audience by guiding them to understand their “why.”

She has learned many valuable lessons from being challenged by language differences, professional and personal situations, and belief systems. She now prides herself on her ability to serve others by sharing her experiences.
She is renowned for her original and engaging workshops, presentations, and courses. Trained in modern learner techniques and adult learning theories, she teaches individuals how to succeed in business and life, using effective frameworks, practical methodologies, and research-backed techniques.

She is at home in an inclusive environment of trailblazers devoted to growth and empowering one another to reach higher levels.

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