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20 Best Time Management Hacks in 2020

Updated: May 30, 2020

One of the few things we ALL have in common is a 24hours day. Some of us accomplish extraordinarily work while others waste that time. The difference is: Time Management.

Your time is a valuable and finite resource. Failing to manage your time and giving in to procrastination causes stress. My guess is since you are here, you already know this.

As I read somewhere: The bad news is time flies, the good news is: you are the pilot!

Here are some hacks to help you get in control, organize, prioritize your time and, be more productive. Treat this as a menu: you can pick and choose, as well as customize these hacks to fit your lifestyle.

  1. Respect your time and make it respected

  2. Plan time to plan

  3. Do Creative Work First

  4. Practice calendar blocking

  5. Break down large projects into small tasks

  6. Give each task a time limit

  7. Group similar tasks

  8. Track your time

  9. Never multi-task

  10. Set reminders

  11. Schedule time for delays or interruptions

  12. Don’t work on impulse

  13. Reward good habits

  14. Know your priorities and stick to them

  15. Set perfection aside and know your limits

  16. Learn to say NO and delegate work to others

  17. Don’t stress over the details

  18. Set your phone aside or turn off notifications

  19. Make to-do lists but be flexible

  20. Plan ahead, start early and, finish faster and stronger

You are always in control of your time, and how you choose to spend it is critical. 

If you have big dreams for 2020, start practicing these hacks to help you manage time wisely. Which tips do you plan to make use of in your daily life? Comment below.

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